From Bestselling Author Soulaima Gourani 
founder of Women Reignite.
"I have kids and I have a fantastic career and I am awesome at both."

Soulaima Gourani, Mom, Author, CEO, Speaker, and founder of Women Reignite.

The sole purpose of this e-book is to empower women through truly inspiring stories of some of the most successful moms in the world. 

Learn from the ones who have had to build amazing careers while being moms. 

This e-book is a shout-out to all women who are proud of being a mom AND of having a career. It IS possible to combine motherhood and ambitions.  

You owe it to your kids and not least to yourself to go out and fulfill your own ambitions. You only have this one life. Make the most of it.

About the author:

My name is Soulaima Gourani 

I have dedicated my life to empowering the lives of others, especially women. I am an experienced life coach. My superpower is to inspire people to be brave, to shine and help them unleash their enormous potential and finding their true values, talents and passions.

Reigniting women has a BIG place in my heart, and I love the overwhelmingly positive impact my method Life Design Formula™️ is having on so many peoples lives. 

Back in 2007, I decided that I never wanted to be employed ever again. Most people would probably say that I left a pretty good career, but I had a burning desire to create something of my own. I wanted to create a job based on my desires, values, talents and passion.

Read my full story of how I started my business in this very personal SWAAY interview: 

I love my work – because I can impact important decisions. I see how I impact laws, implement changes in companies and even in countries, and am welcomed to speak up in settings I once could only have dreamed of.

I was born in Morocco, but grew up in Denmark with a Danish mom and a Moroccan dad.

I achieved an E-MBA from Copenhagen Business School in 2007 and have received further education and executive training from a number of institutions, including Yale University, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, INCAE Business School and ISB India. 

I now teach online and at leading business schools in the world in “life design.” In my work I support many organizations and charities, including Women UN - Women Advisory Group (Denmark); SAC World Economic Forum, YGL, Gender equality (Geneva); The School Challenge Team (world wide), The Global Teacher Prize and many more. 

Today I get to work in many countries, and I work with some of the smartest people on earth. 

I start companies. I invest in others, and I speak and advise, and I have a great passion for writing books, my weekly Forbes column and other newspaper blogs. 

In March 2012 I was elected “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum - one of only 192 elected in the world. 

I’ve received a number of prestigious awards, including Rising Star and Talent 2004, Top 100 Talent Europe (2004), 40 under 40 (2013) and Nordic 20 Thinkers (2013) and Womenomics Influencer Award 2015. I was also chosen as a UN Women Advisor in August 2015. In 2016, I was appointed by TED Talks as a mentor to the speakers. 

Today I reside in Palo Alto, California, where I continue to advise American leaders, entrepreneurs and companies in areas such as strategy, management, leadership and life design. I am married to Brian Frandsen, my love for more than 23 years, our lovely kids and our dog.

Read my full story of how I started my business in this very personal SWAAY interview:
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